Saturday, October 9, 2010

Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) Hall of Shame Inductee #9 with Shame-O-Meter Rating of 7

New York Mets closer, or should I say future ex-closer Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) is the ninth inductee into my Hall of Shame with a Shame-O-Meter Rating of 7. After the Met game at Citi Field on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Rodriguez was charged with third-degree assault on 53-year-old Carlos Pena who is the father of his ex-girlfriend. Pena had bruises on his head and said he was punched by Rodriguez after Pena interrupted a profane outburst by K-Rod outside the Player’s Family Lounge at Citi Field. That’s the guy I want on my team! The Mets punished him a couple of games and naturally pitched him the following weekend as they were holding onto their slim playoff hopes at the time. After discovering that Rodriguez tore a ligament in his right thumb the Mets placed him on the restricted list and stopped paying him. Naturally the MLBPA is coming to his rescue. On September 14, 2010 Rodriguez appeared in Queens Criminal Court as he tried to explain why he sent 56 text messages to the mother of his children, 19 of which were sent while in Venezuela. The great thing is that an order of protection is against him in that country! I am happy to hear that K-Rod is taking anger management classes but I doubt they will do any good. Rodriguez is scheduled to appear in court again on November 10, 2010 as his attorney is working a plea deal with the prosecutor. The bottom line is that he should be banished from the New York Mets organization forever. It would quite a joke if K-Rod shows up in a Met or Triple-A Buffalo Bison uniform next season. I hope I don’t hurt my thumb when I smash our two K-Rod bobbleheads.

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